Finding Resellers

We support Geospatial & Unmanned manufacturers, to find and develop friendships with Reseller globally.

We can support you in finding reseller with our 3 stage program:

1) Understand your system and your value proposition

For success with our strategy, we will need to understand your solution and your value proposition. (Need, Wants and Pains and the Gain you give. For both the UAV & Geospatial manufacture and system buyer).

2) Training program for resellers and clients

We will support you to create a training program for your resellers. Its important to aid your reseller to start moving forwards by building their knowledge of your solution and understanding how best to grow sales.

3) We will make contact with our network of reseller globally

We will contact our list of over 680 Geospatial & Unmanned resellers globally and introduce your systems/organisation. The resellers that show interest, we will report back to you and organise an introduction meeting between you and them.

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