About Page

MilnersMarketing is a Marketing, Sales & Internet Marketing consultancy that supports businesses internationally.

Steven Milner has been supporting businesses for the last 7 years as a consultant within the Geospatial, ADAS and Autonomous industry but his experience can help any organisation to move forward.

Steven´s expertise supporting companies to grow their Marketing, Sales and Internet Marketing activities.

He splits his time into offering his consultancy services and supporting his 9 online publications. He is currently supporting various businesses with content.

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Steven´s expertise:

  • Value Propositions
  • Marketing Planning
  • Lead Generation
  • Internet Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Market Research
  • Business Planning
  • Business Development
  • Building Sales Channels

Steven Career

  • MilnersMarketing – Founder
  • Oxford Technical Solution – Marketing Specialist
  • EyeScience – National Sales Manager
  • Covalent Material – European Sales Manager
  • Texas Instruements – Project Manager
  • Leica Geosystems – Inside Sales

Steven´s Past Clients

  • Oxford Technical Solutions
  • Atlatec
  • DTC
  • Dephos Group
  • Forsberg Services

MilnersMarketing Publications

We have a group of 9 publications for the Geospatial and Automotive industry:


  • GeospatialNews.net
  • LidarSurvey.net
  • UnmannedNews.net
  • DigitalConstructionNews.net
  • InertialNavigationSystems.net
  • OceanSurveyNews.com


  • ADASnews.net
  • AutonomousNews.net


  • InternetMarketingExpert.net

Our Partnerships

MilnersMarketing has partnered up with a group of experts to help bring more expertise to our services:

Will Tomkinson is an expert in Value Propositions, building international reseller networks and business development.

Will has worked with many big names in Geospatial industry such as  Fugro, Optech and Ordance Survey (UK) and he was a Industry Fellow at the University of Nottingham.