About us

We have been consulting in the Geospatial, Unmanned, and Robotics industry for over 14 years. Our clients come from as far as Australia to the USA.

Our focus for all our clients is to offer support to aid their growth and to offer advice on how to grow and also undertake projects to aid that growth.

Some clients ask us to

  • Produce planning in marketing/sales activities,
  • Find and build an international resellers network,
  • Make partnerships with the industries,
  • Product Value Propositions,
  • Review their website for content creation and aid conversions
  • Etc

We often get asked how we can help, we often ask when are you missing and what are you failing at and stopping you from growing. We then review their correct strategies and approach and make recommendations to support.

Some Past Clients

  • LidarUSA
  • Dephos Group
  • Nextcore
  • Survipod
  • OxTS
  • Forsberg Solutions
  • Septentrio
  • Nxtgen Industries
  • SwissDrones
  • Mangoesmapping
  • 3Dusernet

and more more…